Family: Protecting the Doorstep

by Robin Freeman     September 20, 2016

Before my move to Saudi Arabia this year I had returned to university to finish my English degree. Fortunate for me I was able to continue my coursework on-line with Indiana University, a major institution in the United States. One provision in most classes is to first introduce yourself. This semester a particular introduction caught my attention. My new classmate Leslie Noe posted something I felt was worth sharing. Below is part of her post:

“… My parents are divorced but are much closer than any divorced couple I’ve ever met. My mom is a single stay-at-home mom spread way too thin. She recently found God, which is an interesting change in my predominantly atheist family. Not to sound sappy, but she’s my role model. I mean, she raised four children, all of whom have mental and physical health problems, and we all turned out okay. For the most part. My father, who lives with my little half-sister, is a child in a man’s body. He is very fanciful for a mechanic who works 80+ hour weeks just to make ends meet. Bless his heart. He talks way too much and too fast, which I inherited from him, and he has two pit bulls he constantly reminds us are better behaved than his children. I guess we inherited our humor from him too.”

I admire the authenticity of her post. But, the value Leslie found in her family is significant. Instead of blame and excuses, she places focus on the positive attributes of her family. She describes her mother as her role model, her faith choice as an interesting change, and her father as a fanciful mechanic who works too hard. As a daughter and sister, she does what we all should, protect our doorstep, those who we call family.

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