Women: Find your worth…

by Robin Freeman     September 6, 2016

Yes you can - RooseveltFind your worth. Women often find themselves without purpose and question their abilities to fit in. Society has manipulated us into a belief system in which social class, beauty, and the man in your life, determines your worth. Our role models are the rich and famous, the reality TV star, the gold medal winner or whoever the media desires. We need to look beyond the false idols thrown at us and turn to what fulfills us as women.

When I understood my value, worth soon followed. I returned to university to finish what was left behind years before. I learned it was okay to admit I had weaknesses. I no longer felt the need to starve myself to fit into the latest fashions. Character, my faith, which does not subjugate women, and being proud of who I am, are now central. Eleanor Roosevelt, an amazing 20th century first lady said it best, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” 

“If I don’t understand I will ask. If I get it wrong, I will fix it. Once, twice, as many times as it takes. Mistakes are necessary for improvement. But failure — nope, you’re not welcome here.” ~ R. Freeman

After this semester only eight more classes left and I will have finished my B.A. in Technical Writing. My personal goal to achieve a 4.0 GPA is close. The highest distinction cord and the silky red sash will lie around my neck signifying a new chapter in my life. In 2012, when I returned to academia my grammar skills were poor, math skills abysmal, and the scope of my literary knowledge limited. I’ve come a long way and now, no one but me gets to define my worth.

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