On American Food…

by Robin Freeman     September 6, 2016

As we know the United States is made up of a medley of cultures. This can sometime make it difficult to identify many foods as American. In contrast, Kabsa, a tasty mix of slow-cooked tender lamb, rice, and vegetables, is classified as the national dish of Saudi Arabia. However, food and drink recipes do exist that are linked to my culture. I hope to share those with you here. First up:

Sweet Tea or Iced Tea

Sweet Tea as Southerners refer to it or Iced Tea everywhere else requires specific steps or you will end up with a muddy colored, bitter tasting drink.
Sweet Tea1
luzianne (1)The most well-known brand specifically designed for making iced tea in the U.S., is Luzianne. Sadly, I have not been able to find this brand in Jeddah.


Instead I will use Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags which will still offer a nice refreshing drink.

Southern Style Sweet Tea

What you will need:

  • 2 Quarts Cold Water
  • 5 Lipton Yellow Label Tea Bags
  • 1/2 to 3/4 Cup Sugar (Instead of sugar you can use honey or a sweetener like Stevia)
  • Loads of Ice
  • Timer
  • 2 Quart Glass Container

Boil.  One quart cold water until it reaches a rapid boil. Take the pot off the fire. Add tea bags and cover. Never add tea bags to rapidly boiling water.

Steep Tea. Exactly 9 minutes.

Prepare Your Containers. While your tea steeps, fill your containers with ice.

Add Sugar. After 9 minutes have passed remove the tea bags. Add your sweetener of choice and stir until sweetener is well dissolved.

Pour Over Ice. Slowly add the hot tea mixture into the glass container filled with ice (so as not to break the glass). Finish filling the container with the 2nd quart of cold water. Depending on the amount of ice you use, you may not need to use the whole 2nd quart of cold water.

Chill and Enjoy.

Important Tips.

  • Use glass containers to better preserve the flavor. The ones pictured above are available at our local Ikea.
  • Need to use more than one container: split the sweetened brewed tea between the two ice-filled containers and top them off with the 2nd quart of cold water. The tea color should be clear as the picture shown above.
  • Try less sugar to start. Taste, then add more as needed. Remember, for best results only add sweetener to hot tea right after steeping process is completed.

Classic Meatloaf Recipe Coming Soon…

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