About American Kabsa

by Robin Freeman

After my move to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia last year I discovered a place filled with interest and conflicts. I soon chose this medium to share my thoughts, similarities, and perceptions as I make new discoveries here in the kingdom. The name American Kabsa came about from the delightful national dish of Saudi Arabia shared with me over the years by the gracious Albaz family.

I found an excellent description about Jeddah I would like to share, “Known locally as ‘The Bride of the Red Sea,’ Jeddah lies at about the same latitude as Honolulu and Hong Kong, and it shares their hot, humid climate. Tradition has it that the city derives its name (meaning grandmother, in Arabic) from the legend that the biblical Eve was buried here. It has, since nearly the inception of Islam, been the main point of entry for foreign pilgrims intending to perform the Hajj or pilgrimage to Makkah. Caliph Othman personally selected it as the ideal locale over rivals to the north and south. Jeddah’s advantage was that it already was an established port with a history of facilitating the pre-Islamic pilgrimage and spice trades in the Hejaz, the western region of what is now Saudi Arabia.” (U.S. Consulate)

Thank you for your interest and please join me as I introduce social issues to shopping tips during my stay in Jeddah.

U.S. Consulate General Jeddah | U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Saudi Arabia. (2016). U.S. Embassy & Consulates in Saudi Arabia. Retrieved 12 October 2016, from https://sa.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/jeddah/


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